UNODC for making double efforts to tackle corruption

ISLAMABAD: Executive Director of United Nation’s Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has stressed upon the need to double global efforts to tackle corruption and ensure integrity across the board and around the world.

In his message on Thursday in connection with International Day Against Corruption to be observed on December 9 (Friday), the UNODC Executive Director said that it was more important than ever to stop corruption ever as it trapped people in cycle of inequality and crushed opportunities for development. Corruption threatens our security, drives organized crime, he said adding that communities were losing out on trillions of dollars and countless opportunities, the ED said.

Highlighting the efforts of UNODC to cope with corruption, he said that UNODC enhanced cross-border cooperation through the Globe Network, with membership of 127 entities from 69 countries which teamed up with the World Bank to bolster asset recovery efforts around the globe. “This year, we established our first ‘anti-corruption’ regional hubs in Africa and Latin America, to bring our assistance and expertise closer to the point of delivery,” he added.


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