Science of reading

Learning is a continuous process. In order to learn, one must read. Thus it is highly significant to understand the fundamentals of reading. With the passage of time and advances in research, reading has evolved as science. The science of reading encompasses the findings of experts from diversified fields, including education, psychology, linguistics and neuroscience. It paves the way for what students need to learn and how they need to learn it.

The foundational areas of literacy instruction include phonemic (i.e. the skill to emphasise and control sounds in spoken word) awareness, phonics (i.e. teaching ways to read and write an alphabetic language), fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Each of these components plays a crucial role in increasing literacy skills for students.

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Educators need to be well-aware and open-minded about the science of reading. In Pakistan, the necessary homework on the science of reading still needs to be completed. The efficacy of explicit training in various aspects of reading science shall be evident. To do so, it shall be an integrated part of the curriculum from the initial to the most advanced level, irrespective of the study discipline. The necessary professional development may enable teachers to use the most effective strategies in this concern. Especially the institutions involved in research in education shall recommend changes and serve as a significant resource. Support at the governmental level is indeed crucial in this regard.

With the science of reading, the best approach for reading may be clarified. The teachers and administrators working as a team can incorporate the best strategies for their students to become strong readers, lifelong learners and leaders.



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