Tasks after return from UN Gen Assembly

And how to deal with PTI

From Monday to Friday, Pakistan delegation at UNGA presented the country’s case on key issues. In his speech before UNGA the PM also talked about the Kashmir dispute and Afghanistan, but he remained focused on the colossal human suffering caused by this year’s unprecedented rains and floods and their devastating impact on the infrastructure. He made a passionate appeal to the world to undo the ‘climate injustice’ done to countries like Pakistan.

The UNGA session helped Pakistan to bring the human tragedy to the notice of the world at large. Coinciding with the UNGA, young activists rallied for climate action at 450 locations from one end of the world to the other. Pakistan’s case was specially mentioned to demonstrate what lay ahead for many countries. Hollywood actor and UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie meanwhile urged the international community to help Pakistan in grappling with the relief effort.

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What is required now is to conduct a well-thought out campaign to actually get the climate injustice undone. For this Pakistan needs to make use of its diplomatic channels to project its stand, take up the issue at influential US and European think tanks and project its views through important world newspapers. It should go fully prepared to the international conference being convened by French President Macron to contribute to the rehabilitation and reconstruction of flood-affected areas of Pakistan.

Back home, the PM and his team will have to cope with PTI chief Imran Khan. Instead of abiding by the advice of Chief Justice Supreme Court to return to parliament to fulfill its constitutional obligations, the party wants change of government through street power. As IK has put it, the struggle for ‘Haqiqi Azadi’ had entered its decisive and final phase and he would soon give an ultimate call to rid the country of these “crooked rulers” to achieve real freedom and independence. There is a need on the part of the federal government to exert patience and allow PTI to hold public protests, rallies and sit-ins as long as there is no breach of law by the party. The PTI however must not be allowed to impede government working, create problems for commuters or indulge in violence. The government should try to resolve issues with the PTI through talks.

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