Two more breaches in Manchhar inundate 150 villages as Sehwan Airport submerged

In view of high water level in Manchar Lake,the Irrigation officials have given more breaches at two different places as a result of which over 150 villages were flooded while Sehwan town was still under threat.

According to a report, in order to reduce the water pressure on Manchhar Lake, two more places have been given cracks, due to which the Sehwan Airport was inundated.

According to the sources, the water level has still not reduced due to which most populous cities of Sehwan city and Bhaan Sayedabad were still under threat.

The water coming out of the lake has started hitting the Indus Highway near the Sehwan Toll Plaza, while the Sehwan Airport and Sindh Chief Minister’s native village Bajara have also been submerged, sources informed APP.

According to the district administration, water is continuing to flow from Manchhar Lake band RD- 54 and 52 and it had entered the limits of the five union councils.
Union Council Bobak and Jafarabad are completely submerged, the number of affected villages has reached 150, officials said.

The irrigation officials said that the water level in Manchhar Lake had not decreased, after the lack of water in Larkana Sehwan band, the water of Manchhar Lake would be given way to the Indus river.

Meanwhile, a 50-feet-wide crack has occurred at Manchhar Lake Zero Point, from which water started moving towards Union Council Wahur.

While two policemen on the embankment have been swept away in the water.

On the other hand, the work of strengthening the Ring Band of Juhi and Mehar was going on, cracks started appearing in the weak band at the place of Kali Mori in Dadu’s ‘Seem Nala’ where strengthening work was in progress till filling of the report.


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