Humanity dies in floods

How politicians failed the people

The overall situation of the country is very alarming. The lives of 220 million people have fallen into confusion and there is not a single problem in front of the people; rather the pile of problems is increasing instead of decreasing. On the one hand, daily rising inflation has made the life of the people a torment, on the other hand, ordinary people are dying in the flood. According to the report of the National Disaster Management Authority, the number of people who died in the flood has reached close to 1000 while social media reports are showing colossal destruction. All the institutions that were responsible for the relief operations, including the NDMA, were not only paralyzed for several weeks but all the loopholes in their functioning are coming in front of everyone.

Sadly, the government and the relevant institutions sat and watched the spectacle for a while after the floods hit and when half the country was submerged, the institutions, including the government, thought of starting a relief operation. In this rescue operation, nothing would be found after so long except the dead bodies. The government should have announced emergency measures earlier because the torrential rains and floods did not start today, they started more or less a month ago and the Meteorological Department has declared an unusual danger of rains and flash floods had been predicted long ago. Was it not the responsibility of the rulers and the relevant departments to take timely measures to save the lives and property of the people? If our rulers realized their responsibilities towards the citizens and made advance arrangements to protect them from floods, the loss of lives and property of the people and national property could have been substantially reduced.

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It is an undeniable truth that when the government machinery was busy making cases against the political opponents and teaching them a lesson, at that time the flash floods were destroying the houses of the destitute public yet the political leadership never helped the people in times of trouble. On the contrary, the public has been made a scapegoat at every opportunity. On one side, the people are dying due to rising inflation and on the other side, they have been deliberately abandoned to flash floods. Everything is being swept away in the flood and the government Ministers are also engaged in politics on the flood. In light of all this, people are getting exhausted and one can judge how disappointed people are with the political leadership by the fact that the Prime Minister launched the Flood Relief Fund two weeks ago and people are not interested in donating in this fund.

Massive donations deposited by people all over the world once again will transfer to the undeniable people’s hands and nothing came to the hands of the people as before, nor will anything come to them this time because it is written in the fate of the people to die without death

There is no doubt that the Prime Minister and the coalition partners have made several attempts but the people are not listening to them as the government loses its credibility. When the government loses its credibility, the people start solving their own problems. The workers of Jamaat-e-Islami’s Alkhidmat Foundation and other religious parties are working tirelessly in the flood-affected areas. These people are rendering valuable services despite having no resources, while the majority of the political parties that the people have been giving the mandate to rule, are nowhere to be seen. It seems that the work of political parties has remained only to promote chaos, revenge and disorder in the country.

This is the time for unity and disunity instead of political confrontation. The people will remember whoever works for the people at this time. This is what the people will remember, when the political leadership is not helping the flood victims so the people should also reject them in electoral politics.

It is surprising that the coalition leadership is repeatedly appealing to the people for donations while they themselves are the owners of large assets and riches. Why do they not reduce the weight of their coffers? Instead of pointing towards the people, they should go ahead and help the flood victims but they will probably be reluctant to do such a good venture as their voracious eyes are fixed on the aid given to the flood victims.

When will the people be able to combat flood disasters, the people have tried many times to inflict the government attention on structuring dams and barrages yet every time politicians do nothing but slogans under the guise of public welfare and services. However, their insensitivity on this matter shows that they don’t limit doing business even on every natural calamity.

Massive donations deposited by people all over the world once again will transfer to the undeniable people’s hands and nothing came to the hands of the people as before, nor will anything come to them this time because it is written in the fate of the people to die without death.

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Sometimes the people are dying due to rising inflation and sometimes due to floods, even though every day a new story of brutality and cruelty is heard and seen but the sky does not fall on the elite nor does the earth explode. However, through natural disasters, it is imperative that all these people must come to the right path and if they are still not interested in resolving the general public problems then the day is not far when all come to the same position of destruction.

Attiya Munawer
Attiya Munawer
The writer tweets @AttiyaMunawer


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