MQM contacts Nasir Shah over LG law, delimitation, other issues

The MQM-P leadership has contacted Sindh’s Local Govt. Minister Nasir Shah on reservations over delimitation and other issues on Monday.

According to sources, the MQM-P has demanded reply of Sindh govt. over the draft of the local government law. “Murtaza Wahab had said that the government will give its reply after finalizing implementable clauses of the draft,” MQM sources said.

“Over two weeks have passed but no reply received from them,” party sources said. “People’s Party should inform, what clauses of the draft they want to implement,” party sources said. “We want an early reply and enactment of the local government law,” according to sources.

“Everyone has seen what happened in the election in Sindh,” MQM leadership said in conversation with the LG minister. “Questions being raised over the election,” MQM leadership said.

The party leadership demanded an early preparation of the mechanism with regard to delimitation, to resolve the issue.

The party also demanded of the People’s Party to demonstrate seriousness over implementation of the agreement.


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