Incoming chief executive pledges to boost Hong Kong’s economy to new level

BEIJING: A brand new chapter of Hong Kong’s diversified development will be unfolded upon the inauguration of the new leadership of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) headed by John Lee on July 1,2022, said Prof Li Chen, Centre for China Studies, Co-director of the Greater Bay Area Research Project.

In an article, he said “First and foremost, cultural diversity in Hong Kong will attract more talented personnel to participate in the vibrant development of Hong Kong. In the past more than two years, many countries and regions were hit hard, due to the global outbreak of Covid-19 resulted in severe impact on people’s life and mobility, yet Hong Kong is still very proud to present the world its incredible resilience, successfully maintained cultural diversity, convenience in daily life and its strong cultural inclusiveness.”

“As the global epidemic has been significantly contained for a promising situation, Hong Kong with its appealing characteristics will undoubtedly bring in more professionals and talents in different fields that will inject fresh dynamism into Hong Kong’s sustainable development,” he added.

Secondly, he opined “As a financial center, Hong Kong’s role will remain strong and firm. In recent years, Hong Kong as a financial center has faced tremendous challenges from Singapore and other countries, however the remarkable advantages in Hong Kong such as its superior geographical location, sound legislation systems and governance, cultural diversity and inclusiveness have remained strong and unchanged that hold the key to Hong Kong ‘s thriving growth.”

“We’re confident that better and stable epidemic situation in mainland China has played a positive role in further and deeper cooperation with Hong Kong in financial and other aspects in the near future. Hence Hong Kong will maintain its dominant momentum as world financial center,” he added.

In conclusion, backed by the Pearl River Delta region of mainland China, Hong Kong will become one of the most economically dynamic regions in China.

Prof. Li Chen said, as the Greater Bay Area development framework serves as crucial driving forces for Hong Kong’s flourishing economic growth, Hong Kong with its traditional industrial strengths, such as legal arbitration, transportation and international trade, will under the incoming leadership embrace the new development opportunities and witness the economy to a fresh new level.



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