A public leader

Imran Khan is a public leader. Imran Khan has prepared his nation in such a way that they have the courage to raise their heads even after Imran Khan. Imran Khan introduced the youth to their Islamic heroes by showing Ertugrul Ghazi drama. Prior to Imran Khan, people lived for themselves. They were concerned with themselves and their families only. No one was aware of what Pakistan was going through. Everyone was materialistic. Since Imran Khan arrived, our youth has found a true hero. Pakistan has developed into a nation. No corrupt or unscrupulous person can govern this country anymore. In the upcoming elections, Pakistan as a whole is going to make history by standing together. In the history of Pakistan, the name Imran Khan will be associated with faithful leaders of Pakistan such as Khan Liaquat Ali Khan and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

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