Limelight in threat

Sheikh Rasheed has lodged a complaint with the Koshar Police station about the threat to his life from PML-N top leadership. His complain should be processed according to law. However, the fact of the matter is that hitherto PMLN leadership has shown utmost restraint and tolerance to provocative statements and actions from the PTI brigade. Sheikh Rashid was among those who regularly hurled accusations, and insinuations and mocked PLM-N, PPP and other leadership but they hardly got any retributive comments. PML-N, PTI, JUI-F and others also showed a high degree of political maturity when none other than the head of PTI occupying no less than the top executive position mocked and called them insulting.

It is logical that when in opposition, the PDM leadership did not issue harsh statements, then, how can they being in government threat or execute threat against the ilk of Sheikh Rasheed and make them heroes out of nonentities? It is evident that the present collation government wants political stability and it is hoped that they would focus on cleaning mess made by PTI. The only motive of the Sheikh Rasheed might be to remain in headlines.

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