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We have abandoned some good traditions and customs of the past. For example, in not-so-old times, whenever there was a long period of drought, people would gather at places of worship and offer special prayers for rain. On the one hand, this would show submission to the Almighty for forgiveness and mercy. On the other hand, it would show empathy for farmers who in some areas solely depend on rains for their crops.

People as a community would also extend help as much as possible to the poor and marginalized during tough times. It strengthened the spirit of community and solidarity. Unfortunately, our country is going through very tough times. The pandemic, dry spells, and follies of the ruling class have crippled the economy. Poor are facing the worst of the times and our politicians are shamelessly engaged in calling each other “Mice.” It appears that our ruling elite is never going to get out of their old ways of self-righteousness and total disregard for the public interest.

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However, we as a society are also becoming indifferent and uncaring in our behaviour. The well-off people in the society must at least show some empathy for the poor and restraint their urge to devour imported products. We must also show some prudence in showing off at extravagant marriage ceremonies when the poor are struggling to keep their kitchens running. The farmers are not only worried due to dry spells but also struggling to get fertilizers and seeds in a timely manner. Black marketing and hoarding of urea and DAP are crushing them.

We as a society must condemn such practices and call out the perpetrators of such terrible practices. If those who take advantage of the poor to make money know that they will face social backlash, they would refrain from such practices. I don’t see our ruling elite changing any time soon, so we must become the change ourselves to force them to fall in line.



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