Assessing government performance

Governance is the structure and process that are designed to ensure accountability, transparency, responsiveness, rule of law, stability, and equity. Unfortunately, the contemporary scenario contradicts this definition. According to a report by The Economist, Pakistan has the fourth highest rate of inflation. Prices of essential items are skyrocketing, and they are becoming out of reach for most people.

The government has done little to address the concerns of the people. Instead, different government ministers have claimed that Pakistan has lower levels of inflation compared to other countries within the region. Despite government reassurances of price stability, inflation has continuously risen. The much-needed relief package was announced a few weeks ago, but soon after prices of petrol rose once again. In addition, the PTI government promised accountability and transparency during its tenure. However, after three years in office, it has failed to produce sufficient proof of any corruption by the past governments and harbours many who are accused of corruption itself.

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In recent months, gender-based violence has risen significantly. The government remained silent for the most part and did little to tackle the rise in violence against women, children and people belonging to minority groups. In conclusion, the people cannot help but wonder whether the state of the country has worsened in the last three years. There has been an increased sense of despair and hopelessness amongst the people, which has pushed them towards drastic steps. It is about time that the government overhauled its policies to cater to the masses. Or they should be prepared for the consequences.

Azhar Ali


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