Three Afghans from IS killed near border: police

PESHAWAR: The counter-terrorism forces said they killed three Afghan militants who belonged to the Islamic State group during a raid on a hideout near the border with Afghanistan.

The gunbattle was the latest episode of violence in Pakistan involving extremist groups that appear to have been emboldened by the return to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The dawn raid was carried out in Peshawar, said Javed Khan, an officer with the provincial Counter-Terrorism Department. The branch is a special police unit that fights local and foreign militant groups.

Khan said the slain militants were Afghans, and that the raid foiled a possible terrorist attack. Two other fighters managed to flee, he said, giving no further details.

Pakistan has witnessed scores of terrorist attacks in recent months, most of which were claimed by the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan and the IS group. Both organisations have been emboldened by Taliban resurgence in Afghanistan, where TTP militants are still believed to be hiding.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi was in Kabul along with a delegation on Thursday for talks on a range of issues, the Foreign Office said before news of the raid was released.

It was unclear whether the matter would come up in discussion.


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