Pakistan’s Babar wins silver medal in IBSF 6-Reds World Cup

Pakistan’s Babar Masih lost to India’s Pankaj Advani in the final of the IBSF 6-Reds World Cup and got a silver medal in Doha, Geo News reported on Wednesday.

Babar, who had defeated the German cueist in the semi-final, looked under pressure initially in the final before fighting back but later could not stop his Indian opponent from sailing to the title.

Pankaj won the title match by 42-13, 14-38, 53-0, 42-19, 01-53, 47-17, 44-00, 36-03, 0-43, 12-46, 15-59 and 53-05.

Earlier on Tuesday morning, Babar Masih had defeated Germany’s Richard Wienold 6-4 in the semi-final.


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