Reforms needed to improve civil service, say experts

The Executive Development Institute (EDI) of the National School of Public Policy on Tuesday organised a first-ever webinar on civil service reforms.

Around 300 participants attended the webinar titled: “Existing gaps in the civil service structure: remedies proposed in the recent civil service reforms”.

Introducing the subject, EDI Dean Ahmad Nazir Warraich set the frame of reference for the topic of discussion. He also mentioned some recent reforms made by the government like promotion policy and rules, efficiency and discipline rules, rotation policy etc. He stressed upon the need to create a balance between improvement in service structure and improvement in service delivery.

Speakers included Advisor to the Prime Minister for Institutional Reforms & Austerity Dr Ishrat Hussain and FCU Centre for Public Policy & Governance Director Prof Dr Saeed Shafqat.

A vibrant and open questions and answers session was conducted. The participants urged the civil servants to update their skills according to changing times. The panelists were of the view that reforming the entire value chain of the civil service from induction and recruitment to training, performance evaluation, career progression, compensation, benefits and retirement is the solution of civil service woes.

NSPP Rector Dr Ijaz Munir emphasised the need for civil service reforms, adding that the civil servants should improve themselves at the same time. He assured his support and intent to conduct a training with an aim to improve the service.

The webinar was concluded with the vote of thanks .


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