Minister wants people aged above 50 to receive Covid jabs on priority

ISLAMABAD: Minister for Planning and Development and head of the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) Asad Umar on Sunday called for vaccinating people in the age group above 50 saying that they are most vulnerable against Covid-19.

Taking to Twitter to make an appeal, the federal minister said that Pakistan has a population of 27.2 million falling under the category of above 50 age group.

“This age group is most vulnerable to serious health effects of covid,” he said while sharing that out of the total population under this category, 5.6 million of them -which accounts for 20.6 percent of this group- so far have received at least a single Covid jab.

“Please encourage all in this age group to vaccinate as soon as possible.”

It is pertinent to mention here that the federal government has currently allowed walk-in vaccination for people above the age of 18 in order to increase the vaccination process.

The government has also imposed restrictions on unvaccinated people, including barring their entry at cinemas, restaurants, and marriage halls besides also refusing to allow them to travel abroad.


The NCOC announced on Sunday that Covid-19 vaccine certificate is now a must thing for all tourists going to Gilgit-Baltistanstst, Azad Kashmir, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The apex body to formulate policies for combatting the virus will also set up teams to check the vaccination certificates from the tourists and also form teams to ensure wearing facemasks, observing social distancing and following safety measures in northern areas.

Now all tourists who want to book hotels in the hilly areas for tourism purposes would have to get vaccinated themselves first.

The body also made mandatory vaccination for all staffers and people and attending any gathering like cinemas, restaurants, gyms and wedding halls.

It has been directed to ensure corona SOPs at bus stations, railways stations, intra-city and inter-city transport, mosques and markets. And for this, NCOC issued a check list.

The NCOC also directed the concerned departments to implement SOPs and take stern action against violators.


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