Kashmir dispute– no bargaining chip

Pakistan’s position on Kashmir is clear and unequivocal. If anyone wants to have a dialogue in a respectful manner, it will respond, but there will be no bargaining. Reiterating Pakistan’s permanent position on the Kashmir dispute, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has clarified that Pakistan’s principled position on Kashmir is unwavering. This position cannot be changed by any offer of a transaction. However, we are ready for talks for a just solution to the Kashmir issue. Our doors are still open for peace in the region.

It is clear that the Modi government has practically kept the whole of occupied Kashmir a prison since the 5 August 2019 move. One million Indian troops have been given free rein to carry out every oppression on Kashmiri Muslims. The entire Kashmiri leadership is facing the worst conditions in jails. The international community has not been able to play any role in stopping the whims of the Indian government and no effective strategy has been adopted by Pakistan alone.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has become the ambassador of Kashmir to the entire international community. The promises made to bring the case of Kashmir before the international community are still awaiting fulfillment. Even in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), there is no sign that the Kashmir issue has been raised fruitfully, and no all-party conference on the issue has been convened in the country. In this situation, just by saying that we will not make any deal on Kashmir, but are ready for dialogue, how will Pakistan persuade the hard-shelled Indian rulers to talk and how will Kashmiris get their due? Only the Foreign Minister can answer this important question.

It is good that the Foreign Minister himself has made it clear that Prime Minister Imran Khan is neither a businessman nor is any deal going to be struck on Kashmir. Until India withdraws its 5 August 2019 move, there will be no talks. The Prime Minister had said the same thing a few days ago, so no one had any doubt that such talks with India were going to take place in the near future, but the Foreign Minister’s statement in New York that if anyone wants to talk, we will do it, needs clarification, because opponents can make out that Pakistan is signaling some kind of concession to India for negotiations.

Pakistan is not ready to make any concessions to India on the Kashmir issue. Pakistan has always been in favor of giving Kashmiris the right to self-determination in accordance with UN resolutions, so that the Kashmiri people can decide for themselves what they want. If that happened then it would be a very ideal situation, but the continued denial of the right to self-determination by India has led to the fact that the sovereignty of Kashmir has been taken away by the Modi government. Apparently in this whole situation, it seems that the issue of Kashmir has come to a standstill and there is no way forward, but it is not; because there is still a way forward, it just takes a lot of patience and perseverance.

The notion that Pakistan and India cannot resolve the Kashmir issue through bilateral dialogue is completely wrong. If Pakistan and India are serious about negotiating a solution to the Kashmir issue, it will not be difficult, but it will have to be driven by other world powers without which no negotiation process can succeed, as both Pakistan and India are subject to the interests of others. However, the Pakistani and Kashmiri people welcome the Foreign Minister’s announcement that there will be no deal on Kashmir.

This issue is so delicate that no ruler can even think of bargaining. Imran Khan is not a bargainer anyway, but if what is happening is not a bargain, then there must be compulsion. In recent days, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman threatened to overthrow the government in two weeks, General Pervez Musharraf was also pressured by questioning friend or foe, now it can also be told to Imran Khan that your majority is artificial, so you have to stay within your limits. The opposition may make as many accusations as it wants, but Imran Khan will never make any bargain on Kashmir for power.

Attiya Munawer
The writer tweets @AttiyaMunawer


  1. Attiya Munawer, I may look bit harsh, but for Indians there is no response to your blabbers, except following:

    a) For me, forget about IK’s clarity on Kashmir, entire Pakistan on its all foreign policy issues is a confused mass of protoplasm. As to Kashmir, it is confused right from following the first condition of UNSC Resolution 47/1948? For most Indians, Pakistan is neither having any respect for international agreements nor bargaining power for any meaningful dialogue with India nor any Indian is desirous of any dialogue with Terroristan of world. 😁

    b) You along with all your leaders, go on doing Syappa for 5th August, 2019 or go on crying for Indian troops. No one in India or world gives two hoots to it. It needs to go in your head that the jokers of Pakistan, who always carried Boots on their head, and didn’t able to represent even their own citizenry in last 73 years, how can they represent Kashmir? Whether you like it or not, a PM of a dust licking nation in 1972 signed ‘Simla Agreement’ on BILATERALISM for all Indo-Pak issues. This Agreement itself is in consonence with UN Charter and Geneva Convention. Please ask GoP to follow it strictly, stop cross LoC/ Border indulgence or be ready for more strikes and cries like Balakote. 😁😁

    c) Please understand that there is no peace, unless Pakistan starts following bilateralism of “Simla Agreement”, act on ‘Lahore Declaration’ and also on declarations of 24.09.2004, 18.04.2005, 14.09.2005, 3.10.2005, Ufa etc. for peaceful co-existence. Before expecting something from India, first dismantle the terror infrastructure in Pakistan and handover the terrorist (Indian citizens) like Dawood Ibrahim, Kasgar, Jaki-ur-rehman Lakhvi, Masood Azhar etc. to India. Who are roaming free in Pakistan with aid of your rulers and Miltablishment. As to progress on Kashmir, read first condition of UN Resolution 47/1948 and first handover the Indian territory of PoK & GB to India, free from your Boots and Kabayali settlers after 1947. The Indian FM alreadt made it quite clear in writing and publically that any future talks with Pakistan about Kashmir will only be about PoK & GB. PERIOD. 😁😁😁

  2. Why would India discuss Indian Kashmir with Pakistan? Do you discuss your home with your neighbour? That will be stupidity. You already own the house. So No need to discuss anything.


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