Instead of opening a can of worms

Settle the issue through judicial commission

The SC had rejected the reference against Mr Justice Faez Isa noting that the President had failed to form a considered opinion after receiving “inadmissible advice” from the architect of the reference. In a majority decision on Monday the Supreme Court declared actions taken by the FBR and all other forums related to the assets of Mr Justice Isa’s wife and children illegal. On Wednesday the Supreme Judicial Council announced its decision not to proceed further against Mr Justice Isa.

While these developments were being reported in the media, claims made by former DG FIA Bashir Memon came as a bombshell. According to Mr Memon, he was called by Prime Minister Imran Khan to his office where the PM hinted at a task to be assigned to him. He was then taken to PM’s Adviser Shahzad Akbar’s office where Mr Memon was told to proceed against Mr Justice Isa in a money laundering case. Later Law Minster Farogh Naseem also asked him to act as advised. Mr Memon claims he refused to comply with the directives as he considered them illegal.

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Had the highly incriminating revelations been made by an ordinary citizen, one would have rejected them out of hand. Mr Memon had however been a topmost police officer before being appointed DG FIA. As such he knows well the consequences of any irresponsible claims made in public. Even if there is an iota of truth in them, they reflect poorly on Mr Khan. As expected, Mr Akbar and Senator Naseem have contradicted Mr Memon’s accusations. The former maintains that Mr Memon was never called for any meeting with the PM or himself on Mr Justice Faez Isa’s issue. Mr Akbar’s lawyers have sent a defamation notice for Rs500 million to Mr Memon. Senator Naseem too has categorically rejected Mr Memon’s claims, maintaining that he never discussed any issue regarding Mr Justice Isa with Mr Memon.

The opposition leaders are demanding a judicial enquiry. So is Mr Memon. Mr Akbar has filed a defamation case knowing that it can go on for years like the one filed by Mr Shabaz Sharif against the PM, without proving anything, . Meanwhile the issue is likely to become a hot topic in the opposition’s rallies. The only credible way to give the lie to Mr Memon’s claims is for the government to ask the Supreme Court to constitute a judicial commission of enquiry.

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