Teen Smoking

Through the column of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw your attention towards the issue of teen smoking which is increasing in our society. The number of young people who smoke has dramatically risen over the past years. This is a problem because smoking causes big health risks that leads to problems and diseases that can kill you. Absence of adult supervision over teens make them addicted to such activities. It usually occurs in parks, under bridges and anywhere away from parents. Most teens find this habit quite interesting and cool. Smoking can cause many negative mental and physical effects, from causing all different types of cancers to your mouth. Heart disease and Cancer are two of the main effects of smoking, this is because of the high level substances that are left in your body by inhaling the poisonous gases. The concerned authorities should impose a ban on the usage of substances which are especially included in the making of cigarettes like tobacco and also ban the companies which are producing cigarettes that is endangering the lives of the young generation.
Numaira Mir

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