Overloaded points of University of Karachi

Being a student of University of Karachi, I am very happy that there are so many facilities provided by University of Karachi to their students and I like the university as well. But i want to draw your attention towards the major problem being faced by students since late 90’s and which is still facing by new comers too.The problem is each and every point (bus) of Uok is fully packed with students everyday. A single point have 57 seats and the number of students in every morning crosses the limit of 150 to180 almost in each point. It just looks like a cage which is fully packed with animals Alas! This is the basic need for every student to come university easily without struggling and as you know Corona Virus is still here and it’s very dangerous for the university students who come and go by points.
I request to the point management of University of Karachi to please have a look at this problem and increase the quantity of points (buses) if the management is not financially stable so please ask those institutes who donate buses. Students have a little bit hope that by this letter the situation of points will get better soon. Many students complain about this matter in unit area but no action has taken place.
Samra Abid

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