Doing down Pakistan with US help

Modi improperly campaigned for Trump

Hindutva supporters seem to have lost balance while dealing with the farmers’ protest since they joined hands with ex-resident Donald Trump in manoeuvring with and interfering in the US and Indian elections alike, and trapped by Trump in his own game, Indian PM Narendra Modi not only mobilised Indian-American citizens, even with a Democratic leaning, to come out in all-out support of Donald Trump, then a Republican candidate in the 2020 elections bidding over two million Indian-American voters in support of Trump’s election campaign, especially the “Howdy Modi” event in Houston, Texas.

That was not interference when the two leaders of India and the USA appeared together at a rally in which both delivered highly charged political speeches as the USA was heading towards an election year where Modi went and said: “Ab ki baar, Trump sarkar.” The phrase means, “This time it’s the turn of the Trump Administration.” It is an adaption of the slogan the Bharatiya Janata Party used ahead of the general elections in 2014, ‘Ab ki baar, Modi sarkar.’ All this was simply because before becoming PM, the USA had imposed a travel ban on Modi for being involved in crimes against humanity in the shape of the Gujarat killings, as time is proving that both had certain hidden designs.

Another factor working in the garb of the India-Israel-US nexus was to win support by doing down Pakistan, the US partner in the Afghanistan war, Pakistan when he was pampering Donald Trump as a man of vision for his contribution across the globe by saying that “His name is familiar to every person on the planet. His name comes up in almost every conversation in the world on global politics.”

And he claimed Trump’s praise and said that “When I met him for the first time, he said India has a true friend in White House.” Then from Houston to Hyderabad Modi went on to offer a silver platter with millions of Indians in the USA, and told Trump, “You once introduced me to your family. Today, I will introduce you to my family.”

In a veiled attack at Pakistan’s efforts to raise the Kashmir issue at international forums, Modi allegedly said his decision to abrogate Articles 370 & 35A of the Indian Constitution, thus ending Kashmir’s special status, “has troubled some people who cannot handle their own country well and are wasting energy in supporting terrorism in India as the conspirators of 9/11 and 26/11 belonged to the same country.”

Modi started taking things for granted and acting like an Asian bull in a china shop has pushed national unity into a dark tunnel. The BJP and RSS leaders’ mediocrity came to light when human rights in India were compromised in Kashmir, JNU, Shaheen Bagh and peaceful farmers were not allowed to take out a tractor rally earlier agreed on Republic day. Those who conspired to achieve power by conspiring against the Muslim minority by organizing a mob attack to demolish the historical Babri Mosque and the massacre of thousands of people in Gujerat under an organized plot by BJP chief L.K Advani that he later repented when Modi sidelined him and A. B Vajpai.

Like a mad cow he went on to unlawfully bulldoze the Constitution by scrapping Articles 370 and 35A, by the induction of CAA law, by crushing the Shaheen Bagh women’s protest and trying to defend the new farm laws to make farmers subservient to corporate groups, and opened a tirade accusing them of being anti-state elements. The farmers protest has already opened the eyes of the masses against the hidden agenda of Modi and his handpicked BJP resident Amit Shah trying to curb freedom in India.

It is a test for the Biden Administration if it chooses to protect human rights or the newly cultivated strategic partnership starting from the Kargil War of 1999 and going on to the present misadventure against China.

As is said, khasiani billi khamba nochay (a cat caught redhanded tries to scratch the pole), Modi did the same in his address to Parliament in which he castigated all those opposing his policies as enemy agents and coined a new term Andolanjeevi, meaning parasites and foreign agents, not remembering his own acts of deeds and misdeeds by exporting terrorists into Pakistan to indulge in suversive activities and killing of hundreds of innocent people. A serving Indian Navy officer, Kulbhushan Jhadav, was caught travelling under a fake identity in Pakistan custody and confessed his criminal behavior and being responsible for killing civilians. Now when Modi is feeling the heat from within from the Indian people, he not only termed them Andolanjeevi but has resorted to “Vigilantism” by announcing to raise an illegal police force, recruited as volunteers of BJP to check and control Cybercrimes, because social media except Twitter has not surrendered by closing his adversaries’ twitter handle.

It is feared this BJP volunteer force will be misused to curb the voice of dissent and reports are appearing that these volunteers hack opponents’ computers, plant anti-government posts without knowledge of the computer owners and then lodge reports in a police station. The police swiftly arrests them and confiscates their computers and books them under cybercrime laws. That goes to prove the Modi government’s distrust in its own police institution.

There is no justification for such black laws and forced detention of senior Kashmiri leader Syed Ali Gilani and hundreds of other Kashmiri freedom fighters, and one young Girl Natasha Narival arrested in Delhi Students protest few months back with many other detainees of conscience, abducted as managed and organised abductions in India.

The US Congress, meanwhile, had also drawn attention to the impropriety of an Indian prime minister campaigning for a US politician, but since it suited Trump, so Modi continued his policy of victimisation in India to make it a Hindu state. It is a test for the Biden Administration if it chooses to protect human rights or the newly cultivated strategic partnership starting from the Kargil War of 1999 and going on to the present misadventure against China. In the South China Sea or the Ladakh region, it’s time to punish enemies of humanity even if they are needed to serve any strategic agenda without the backing of its civilian population united.

Ali Ashraf Khan
Ali Ashraf Khan
The writer is a freelance columnist


  1. My dear Ali Ashraf Khan, India is a vibrant democracy and understand well about media bombardment of differing perceptions, thoughts and ideologies. It is true that many are not sufficiently literate but rest assured they are politically alive. The foolish slogans in & out of India like Modi/ BJP, Nehru/ Congress, Naxal/ Left or Hindutva/ Islamization; are inconsequential for all of us. This nation in 70s defeated Indira for emergency and brought her again to run the government. There are inherent weaknesses in every political dispensation and leader and Modi is not God for us. He will be out, if not better than others for us collectively. Surprisingly for you, Modi’s Gujarat stint or even as PM of India can’t be without support of Indian Muslims. Trump or Biden, both understand India and Indian politics better than you. They also have support of their teams and US State departments. Your blabbers in media are suggestive that either you are an ignorant or trying to fool Pak citizenry. Good luck to you. 😜

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