Pakistan successfully test fires surface-to-surface missile

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Thursday successfully test-fired a short-range surface-to-surface ballistic missile capable of hitting land and sea targets with “high precision” up to 490 kilometers (about 280 miles) away.

In a statement, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) the Babur cruise missile was “launched from a state-of-the-art Multi Tube Missile Launch Vehicle.”

This is the third successful experiment of the year by the army which since January has launched Shaheen-III and Ghaznavi (Hatf-III) ballistic missiles.

President Arif Alvi, Prime Minister Imran Khan, and the military leadership congratulated the team of scientists and engineers over the successful launch of the missile.

The country’s nuclear and missile program is primarily aimed at countering threats from India, which also routinely conducts missile tests.


  1. The successful test of this missile by Pakistan will prove to be an important step in the war against Corona. The people of Pakistan should understand why Pakistan did not spend money to buy Corona vaccine. Because the government of Pakistan had to make these missiles. Now the government of Pakistan can demand the corona vaccine from India by turning this missile towards India and can also threaten to launch a missile if India refuses. At the same time, Pakistan also has ISI who can take vaccine from India by carrying out terrorist attacks in India and Afghanistan. Also, this missile can also eliminate the corona virus. This missile can simultaneously kill thousands of Corona viruses in one attack. This missile is going to be effective in fighting the problem of starvation in Pakistan. This missile can kill hundreds of hungry people simultaneously. Pakistan definitely deserves congratulations for testing this missile in the war against Corona and starvation.

  2. Very thankful to the army for testing the above results and making my home and country safe. Without continued efforts and deterrent my home my life and my country would be ruled by our enemies and we would be treated like slaves. Thank you to the army and the Prime Minister for allowing me to have freedom and understanding and feeling of giving me this satisfaction. Thank you for giving me the strength and the courage to stand up as an individual and every Pakistani in Pakistan abroad to answer back to India and anyone. Anyone else who has any doubts should go and visit Palestine and spend some time in occupied Kashmir than whether the money should be spent on corona which is for a limited time or something that protects us and other future generations to come will become clear. Those that have other agendas can say whatever they want but Bravo the army keep doing what you are doing the nation stands with you.


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