‘A public hearing will also make it difficult for the committee to work’: ECP

The ECP spokesperson said that this was “important and sensitive” case and that the verdict will be done based on "merit" and "national interest".

A spokesperson for the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) stated that a public hearing on the foreign funding case is not possible as it would make it quite difficult for the scrutiny committee to work.

“Unnecessary and unsubstantiated comments on the case should be avoided,” he said on Thursday. The spokesperson further explained that the powers of the scrutiny committee are similar to that of a joint investigation committee.

The spokesperson maintained that this was “important and sensitive” case and that the verdict will be done based on “merit” and “national interest”.

The spokesperson added that the perspectives of both the accused and the complainant would be heard by the committee.

The official stated that after reviewing the positions, the committee will forward its “comprehensive recommendations” to the ECP. The ECP will then put forward these recommendations to both the parties in an open hearing, he said.

The spokesperson further said that the case would be conducted without any “fear or pressure”.

A day earlier, founding member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and petitioner in the case Babar S Awan had expressed his lack of trust in the ECP’s committee.

Babar had raised objections on the “unverified” documents submitted by the ruling party to the scrutiny committee.

In reply to Babar’s complaints, PTI counsel had told the media after a meeting that

the scrutiny committee had never been partial and hoped the report, which will be submitted by the panel, will be based on merit.

The ECP had also issued a clarification on the allegations levelled by Babar.

The election commission had said that the allegation of partiality was against reality and the scrutiny committee was working according to its terms of reference.

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