Year of pain

2020 has been a year of pain due to the destruction of the pandemic in the last year. Though the coronavirus spread in 2019, but it caused much difficulties in 2020. The lockdown due to covid-19 made the world lonely. The magnificent countries turned dark. Everyone was hidden inside their homes fearing the pandemic. Besides, it challenged the economy of the all developing countries since the countries cannot run with lockdown. The unchecked poverty showed it’s negative facet, after all, the public was unemployed sitting at home. Depressingly, Pakistan is enduring the second wave of the pandemic. However, a large number of vaccines have been made so as to cure the virus. Apart from coronavirus, many other significant events occurred including the defeat of Trump White House, the Brexit deal, Israel being overshadowed by the death and economic devastation because of pandemic and the threat of war and poverty on a daily basis. Additionally, the coronavirus has proved that there should be no type of compromise or negligence on health care. The international communities must play their part in ending the pandemic. The developed countries have readied some vaccines to cure the virus while poor countries remain deprived from it. In such harsh situations the countries must have a brotherly attitude with each other. The blessed countries with vaccines must not obtain all of it but also provide vaccines to under-developed countries. Social distancing should be practiced. The role of sops, masks and sanitizers in eliminating the pandemic cannot be denied.

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