DNA of accused in Khairpur rape case matches victim

The father demanded a second test after it emerged that the main suspect's DNA from the incident showed that it was the cousin of the victim.

Police officials confirmed that the DNA of the main suspect in the Khairpur rape and murder case matched the victim’s sample.

On Monday, Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) Fida Hussain Mastoi confirmed the the perpertator was related to the seven-year-old victim, who was strangled after being raped a week ago.

He added that the next 24 hours are critical. He said the accused will be traced soon and arrested.

According to details, the DNA tests were conducted on more than 365 suspects and a match was found with the victim’s relative.

“I want the police to conduct the DNA test again,” the victim’s father said. “I can’t believe my nephews could do something like this.”

A week ago, the police had recovered the body and shifted it to the Pir Jo Goth Taluka headquarters (THQ) hospital, where a lady doctor confirmed that the minor had been raped before she was strangled.

The incident created panic and fear among the locals, who protested the latest gruesome incident of child abuse and demanded that the rapist be arrested.


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