Likee to launch operations in Pakistan following million downloads

KARACHI: Likee, the world’s leading global short video creation platform with around 150 million unique monthly users worldwide, is all set to launch its operations in Pakistan.

The platform has already crossed a million downloads mark in the country and is expected to make new records with the localised version launch.

The Singapore-based app is unique in the sense that it offers users with the capability to easily create the videos and add special effects to them. The special effects can be four-dimensional, attractive and dynamic stickers as well as a video editing tool.

The platform plans to employ resources in the channel sales development, content operations, brand safety teams, and influencer talent management spheres.


  1. Is this Naya Pakistan where Chinese vulgar apps are given the permission and American apps like tinder which is as same as Likee is banned. Why not ban Likee ??? Daily if you go on this likee app you will see grooming men of old age sending diamonds to young girls as young as 17 and asking them for dirty porn videos its come online heera mandi. It is sickening even the government of PTI is involved with an idiot named Shazad Shinwari encouraging such filthy behaviour of “punishment pks” were the vulnerable girl is told to stand in the shower and other vulgar acts!!! Shame on pakistan government a very disappointed Pakistani

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