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LGS suspends principal, administrator and coordinator over sexual harassment scandal

–School management terminates Aitzaz Rehman Sheikh, Zahid Warraich, Umer Shareef and Shehzad Irshad after finding them guilty of sexual harassment

–LGS 1-A/1 Gulberg principal Mrs Shakil, administrator Maira Omair Rana, coordinator Rubab Hassan suspended

–Action taken after numerous LGS students said they were being harassed since 2016

LAHORE: The management of the Lahore Grammar School 1-A/1 Gulberg on Tuesday sacked four employees, including two teachers, after they were found guilty of sexually harassing female students.

Meanwhile, the District Education Authority has formed a three-member committee comprising educationists and government officers to probe the incidents at the elite school.

The authority has directed the committee to submit the findings along with “clear cut recommendations” within three days to decide the future course of action regarding the reported incident.

A large number of LGS students said that they were being harassed since 2016, but had decided to report the incidents to the management after it became unbearable.

According to the school management, the four persons against whom the complaint was lodged include two teachers, a support staff and a custodian staff.

Aitzaz Rehman Sheikh, an A-Level faculty member, Zahid Warraich, also a faculty member, support staff Umer Shareef and custodian staff Shehzad Irshad were accused of harassment by female students, some of whom had left the school a few years ago and others who were still studying there.

The LGS management also suspended the services of the school principal Mrs Shakil, administrator Maira Omair Rana, and coordinator Rubab Hassan with immediate effect.

Pakistan Today tried contacting the said administrative officials but no response was received till the filing of this report.

Students said that they had lodged various sexual harassment complaints over the years against the accused but no action had been taken by the administration. Hence some of them were forced to leave the school and seek admission in other institutes.

The administration said that after receiving evidence against the accused, which included videos, photographs and indecent messages sent by them to students, all four persons involved were shown the door.

The students revealed that the chemistry teacher, Warraich, used to harass them by staring and trying to touch them inappropriately. They also said that he tried to sit with them in a manner that made it very uncomfortable for them to study.

They also spoke of a female teacher in the school who told them about how she was also a victim of harassment by one of the staff members at the institute but instead of taking action against the harassers, she told the students to remain silent.

On the other hand, the police said that they have not received any request from the school administration to take action against the four accused in the case.

Meanwhile, Human Rights Minister Dr Shireen Mazari has also taken notice of the incident and said that Ministry of Human Rights (MOHR) helpline 1099 is available for such complaints and for help of the victims.

“Have taken note of serious harassment allegations of young girls and women at educational institutions – most recently at two premier private institutions in Lahore. MOHR helpline 1099 is available for complaints & for help. Our regional offices have been alerted on this issue,” Mazari wrote on Twitter.


  1. Usman said:

    I am wondering if this Zahid Warraich is the same Chemistry teacher who we studied with back in the 90’s and early 2000’s at Garrison Boys School and College.

    • Ali Adnan said:

      I am 43 years now, but still I recall Zahid Warraich was in Garrison Boys High School and was teacher for another class while Rao Sarwar was our chemistry teacher. I have seen him after couple of decades and feeling ashamed.

  2. Nadirabbas said:

    This guy Zahid Warraich had employed such mental torture tactics at Garrison Boys that his students ended up in acute depression.

  3. Habib-ur-Rehman said:

    This is alarming. All involved should b taken to rask particularly administration should b sacked n fir registered against each to ensure that such bad r not encouraged.

  4. Sss said:

    They should be hanged not only suspended. There is no respect left for this noble profession.
    Where is our country going? No moral values left?