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Shah Mehmood, Jehangir Tareen quarrel at PTI meeting

  • Tareen tells Qureshi to mind his attitude otherwise the party will lose upcoming elections

ISLAMABAD: An exchange of harsh words took place on Tuesday between Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Jehangir Tareen during a meeting of the party’s core group, reported a private media outlet.

According to reports, the two senior leaders traded barbs with each other over PTI member Rai Hassan Nawaz, whose disqualification came under discussion at the meeting by Qureshi.

Reports said that Shah Mehmood Qureshi challenged Nawaz’s eligibility within the party. He objected to Nawaz keeping party post and his participation in meetings.

At this, Tareen interrupted Shah Mehmood and said, “Shah sahib, your remark is aimed at me.” According to sources, Jehangir Tareen said that if the party takes that decision, then he’ll go home.

He said that Shah Mehmood was given the responsibility of revamping party in the province of Sindh but he ruined it in just two years. Tareen added that he did all the work in south Punjab, and accused Qureshi of not even meeting party workers.

Sources further revealed that Tareen also said, “I have invested in the party, I brought the people of Janubi Punjab Suba Mahaz (JPSM) to PTI and you [Qureshi] are trying to take the credit. If you keep this attitude, your dream of becoming Punjab’s chief minister will not materialise.” He added, “Though I am unaware of the future, I’ve resolved that I will not rest until Imran Khan becomes the prime minister.”

Sources also said that Tareen told Qureshi that party will even lose the election, let alone Imran Khan winning the premiership if Qureshi keeps this attitude.

On the contrary, Qureshi accused Tareen of bringing such people into the fold of the party who will have a negative effect on party’s image. “Did you not read Supreme Court’s judgment against Rai Ahsan Nawaz?” questioned Qureshi.

PTI chief Imran Khan eventually intervened and announced removing Nawaz from PTI parliamentary board. The matter was resolved after Imran’s announcement.

Meanwhile, a PTI spokesman denied media the reports on the matter and termed them “regretful and condemnable”, saying that the reports were based on speculation.

The PTI leadership is united and important decisions were made at Tuesday’s meeting through consultation and consensus, the spokesman added.

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