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Mobile snatching biker boys acknowledge victims’ sacrifices, but ask for protests to be toned down

The premiere association of mobile snatching bikers boys have formally acknowledged as genuine some of the concerns of the victims whose cell-phones, wallets and purses they snatch. However, they have asked for their protests to be toned down.

“Granted, some of their demands are genuine but they should really watch their words when voicing said demands,” said Ashraf “Razor” Wathra, chief of the association, speaking to reporters and a press conference in Karachi.

“They should realise that such words really lower our morale greatly and that we don’t take such stuff lying down.”

“The problem is that just because these people’s belongings have been snatched from them and they are also thrashed around a bit, they think that they can be so rude to us,” said Sunny Haider, association general staff secretary.

“No, that can’t happen. They have got to show respect to us. We also have families, all of whom have the latest model cell phones.”

“At times, I get so upset by the hideous allegations levelled at us that I simply break down and cry,” said Haider. “And their legs. I also break their legs.”

The Dependent

The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.

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