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Yasra Rizvi breathes love into Urdu adab

Yasra Rizvi is a poet, writer, director and a performer, known for her strong acting skills in theatre, drama and movies.

She has acted in TV serials such as Ustani jee and Woh Dobara and is also well-known for portraying her part beautifully in the 2015 movie Manto.

However, recently it has not just been her acting skills which had made the social media fall in love with the powerhouse of talent. Yasra Rizvi has taken to Facebook and Youtube and shares videos of herself reciting the breathtaking poetry that she had penned down.

Ever since Yasra Rizvi has started posting her poems online, people have not only been raving about them but each video is praised and appreciated by poetry lovers around the country.

One Facebook user, Sadia Hiraj, praising the beautiful words that Yasra had penned down stated,”The best people are those who stay open-minded in the world of conservative conformists”.

Another user Samar Tariq stated, “Poetry is the loveliest way to depict your feelings… beautiful verses”.

Similarly, Zara Khan praised the beauty that is Urdu and sharing Yasra’s video wrote,”Urdu, so simple. So beautiful”.

People have especially been enchanted by not just Yasra’s poetry but also the way she recites her poems, making you fall in love with Urdu one word at a time.

Areesh Ur Rahman writes,”What diction, what delivery and what content, she should’ve been a published author”.

You can view Yasra Rizvi’s beautiful poetry on her official Youtube channel and facebook page.

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