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Speakers eulogise Munnu Bhai at condolence reference held at AIOU

ISLAMABAD: Speakers at a condolence reference held on Tuesday at the Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) paid tribute to the late Munnu Bhai for his qualities of head and heart.

Addressing a condolence reference, they particularly eulogised him for raising his voice for the oppressed sections of the society through his writings.

The reference was jointly arranged by the AIOU’s departments of Mass Communication and Urdu.

It was presided over by the renowned scholar Prof Fateha Muhammad Malik, while the speakers included eminent journalists Hamid Mir, Rauf Kalasra and Ex-Director General Radio Pakistan Murtaza Solangi.

Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Shahid Siddiqui in his opening remarks said the late Munnu Bhai will be long remembered because of his love for the common man.

Through his writings he advocated the case of the less privileged, he said.

In his famous TV drama “Sona Chandi” he narrated the tale of those who live a simple and ordinary life.  By his death, Dr Shahid said, they have lost another progressive voice of integrity and sanity.

Prof Fateha Muhammad Malik spoke about his long personal association with Munnu Bhai, stating that they together enjoyed their student life at Government College Attock and also spent a memorable time together in Rawalpindi’s literary and journalistic circles.

Munnu Bhai’s death has created a vacuum in progressive literature and journalism, which can hardly be filled, he added.

While remembering the great poet and columnist, Hamid Mir praised the AIOU vice chancellor for arranging the reference.

It is difficult to believe that Munnu Bhai is no more among us, he said while recounting his personal interaction with him. Hamid Mir said he always idealised Munnu Bhai, for he served as a motivating force in column writing.

Munnu Bhai was a sincere, humble and an honest man. He deserved high appreciation because of his devotion and commitment to social work. His love for humanity reflected from the fact that he also associated himself with the Sundas Foundation, a charitable organisation, Hamid Mir added.

While paying homage to Munnu Bhai, Rauf Kalasra said that he holds him in high esteem since he was the most favourite columnist of his mother.

Rauf Klasra said that he was impressed by Munnu Bhai as he stood for the cause of the weak.

Murtaza Solangi spoke about Munnu Bhai’s association with Radio Pakistan, through which he highlighted socio-economic problems of the people.

He proposed that educational institutions needed to convey the message of such great personalities to the younger generations for their upbringing.

Fateha was also offered on the occasion for the departed soul.

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