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Senate adopts resolution to enhance citizens’ knowledge about constitution

ISLAMABAD: The Senate of Pakistan on Monday adopted a resolution to provide opportunities to citizens for enhancing their knowledge about Constitution and democratic norms.

Pakistan Peoples Party Senator Sehar Kamran tabled the resolution which was adopted by the house. The resolution demanded that democratic civic education shall be made a compulsory part of the curriculum and educational activities in the country.

It further asked that the ‘Fundamental Rights’ enshrined in the Constitution of 1973, along with an unbiased account of constitutional and democratic developments in Pakistan, shall be included in the textbooks. It also demanded that extra and co-curricular activities at the national campuses shall include themes related to parliamentary democracy, fundamental rights and constitutionalism.

The resolution also asked that for the general public, the public service broadcasters and independent private media, under their public service obligations, shall devote a fair amount of time to expand people’s understanding of the Constitution and its relevance as a vibrant contract between citizens and the State.

It further demanded that ‘National Democracy Commission’, as envisaged in the ‘Charter of Democracy’, shall be established to promote and develop a democratic culture in the country.

Minister of State for Federal Education and Professional Training Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman said that revisions are being made in the new curriculum and stated that it is the responsibility of the state to provide educational facilities to the citizens.

Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb said that websites of Information ministry and its social media have uploaded the Constitution of Pakistan. She added that Pakistan Television and Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation have embedded programmes for awareness about basic human rights and Constitution.

She also said that National Assembly speaker has written to the universities for education about the Constitution and currently, she added, Social Sciences departments of 17 universities have included courses about Constitution and democratic proceedings in their programmes.

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