Asma Abbass already on her way to recovery | Pakistan Today

Asma Abbass already on her way to recovery

Pakistani actress Asma Abbas, who is currently starring in ‘Laaj’ has been diagnosed with first stage colon cancer.

Ahmad Abbas, her son, confirmed the news while talking to Pakistan Today, stating that the hype isn’t needed and all they need are prayers.

“We found out about cancer almost 20 days ago and the treatment started nine days ago,” Ahmad said.

Asma Abbas is also Bushra Ansari’s sister

“She is responding well to treatments. Doctors say she would be in remission soon,” Ahmad added.

Asma’s roles in dramas have usually been supporting in nature and about the typical urban middle age woman. She has also acted in a number of television serials, both serious dramas and comedies, such as Saltanat e Dil, Mamta, Laadon Mein Pali, Mann Ke Moti, Janam Jali, Lanhi, to name a fee.

We wish her a speedy recovery and good health.

Annam Lodhi

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