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Majority of French want to drop nuclear energy

PARIS – A majority of French people want to get rid of nuclear power, a poll on Wednesday showed, underscoring the impact of the Fukushima disaster on public opinion around the world. The poll conducted by OpinionWay found that 57 percent of respondents were generally in favour of dropping nuclear energy, with 20 percent strongly in favour of the idea.
Only 27 percent were prepared to accept a corresponding rise in electricity tariffs, however, compared to 72 percent against,

Majority of anaesthetists at private hospitals unqualified

KARACHI – The majority of the anaesthetists working at private hospitals across Sindh are unqualified, and the Health Department has so far been unable to take action against them, Health Secretary Hashim Raza Zaidi admitted on Saturday.
“We are planning to take action against them, as well as the hospitals that allow unqualified medical personnel to practice,” Zaidi said while addressing the inaugural session of the 31st Annual Congress of the Pakistan Society of