The Butt end of Pakistan cricket

I wonder when Pakistan cricket will be free of this scourge of mismanagement (an understatement, by all means). The PCB is in tatters. It has always been in tatters but the fact that now due to its high jinks, Pakistani cricket is in bad shape is unforgivable. Bad administration did not always result in bad cricket but now that is the case. There have been moments in the current administration’s reign, when any self-respecting man would have resigned instantly. But, Butt Sahib lacks

Sarmad Bashir

Theatre of the absurd

There doesn’t seem to be an end to these absurdities. The Punjab Assembly keeps creating controversies by adopting pointless resolutions, thanks to the province’s myopic political leadership. Last week’s resolution asking the federal government to develop consensus among the federating units for building the Kalabagh Dam was no less bizarre than the one it had adopted against the media three months ago. You can’t expect anything sensible from the Q-League especially from its mindless

Mayank Austen Soofi

Reading Ram

What does the word Ram, the name of one of the most important Hindu gods, mean to you? Do you think of thousands of Indian Muslims who have died in the violence unleashed under his name? Do you think of Mahatma Gandhi who died while saying ‘Hey Ram’? Do you think of LK Advani, the Karachi-born BJP leader whose Ram Temple movement is single-handedly responsible for the killings of thousands of Indians?
Last month, on September 30, India stopped. In Delhi, the markets were shut

Exorbitant college fee

It has been noticed that private colleges in Lahore have taken to increasing their fee arbitrarily. This is an injustice to the students and causes severe problems for them. As most of our population cannot afford these private colleges, public colleges being not enough in number to accommodate all the students, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get high quality education at affordable rates. This is not good for the society as, by offering various tiers of education system, we

The new targets

This is with reference to the regional editorial “Abduction of doctors” that was printed in your editorial pages on 14 October 2010. This is an alarming trend that the Taliban are now targeting individual civilians like this. It is also very sad that this grave issue is getting very little coverage in the mainstream press as this was the first prominent piece I have seen on it. This issue should not be taken lightly. I think the people in our country find it hard to empathise with the

Chilean rescue

The rescue of 33 miners in Chile is both a matter of pride for humanity and a cause of concern as well. Now that they are save and brought back to the normal world, we should start thinking as to why they had to face such an incident? Why could they be not provided with better safety measures? And what steps, if any, are being taken to avoid such an incident in the future? In a country like ours, where there are no hard and fast rules on workers’ safety, it is even more important to

Disease awareness

Many of the diseases in our country are spreading due to unawareness about them. Our public is totally ignorant of what causes even the most common diseases as flu and malaria. There is an urgent need to spread awareness about these diseases so that the population could be saved from cruel clutches of these diseases. It takes only a little to do away with the ignorance while it can save valuable human resource. It would also save huge amount of money being spent on the cure of these

A forgotten art

Our part of the world has always been known for calligraphy. In one form or another, the Asian calligraphers have been in the limelight. From Arabic to Persian and from Chinese to Pakistani calligraphers, Asia has produced calligrapher of top class level. But unfortunately, this subtle art is being forgotten slowly as there are no more training institutions for them and no one is making a serious headway in this regard. Names like Sadequain, Shakir Ali are now legends of the past. We

Roads in Lahore

Lahore, the capital of Punjab and the heart of Pakistan, is totally mismanaged and seems to be forgotten by the authorities. The roads in Lahore are broken at more than comfortable ratios. They are also not repaired regularly. They lack balance, road signs and traffic signals. Many vehicles are meeting their fate sooner than expected due to the lower quality of carpetted roads. Accidents have been reported in the media but the authorities seem deaf to all the pleas. When the tax

Turkish friendship

Turkey has been a friend of Pakistan through thick and thin. It has stood by with Pakistan in many issues on the global level. Turkish PM is on a visit to Pakistan nowadays.
Being a Muslim country and among the fastest growing economies in the world, Turkey enjoys great esteem and respect among the world community. It would be a useless and futile effort by the Turkish PM if our political leadership does not learn any lesson from them. We should ask for their help in the

Media exaggeration

Pakistani media got some of its freedom in the government of a dictator. Though the new found freedom gave it a chance to bring to fore many problems of the country, it has also taken to exaggeration and creating hype over nothing. The example of NRO review petition is a case in point. Media had started sounding ominous about October 13, the date when it was supposed to be decided. Though nothing happened, media has again started whipping up new dates and has made the issue

The way in is to be captain

The Pakistan Cricket Board has made it a habit to announce the name of the captain in a controversial manner. They have taken to appointing captains who were not in the team and been sidelined for sometime. The recently announced team also comes with a captain who was sidelined for more than a season. Misbah-ul-haq was not even in the playing eleven but he has been chosen as team captain. It seems the PCB knows only one way to bring a player in the playing eleven: make him captain.

Tit for tat

When Musharraf took over the country in a coup in 1999, he dethroned an elected government. He sent the democracy packing and the Sharif family into a mutually agreed upon exile in Saudi Arabia. He also banned their entry into Pakistan. But now it seems the time has come to repay the debt. Now the PML-N has issued a charge sheet against him in the same manner he charged them in ‘Plane Highjacking case’. Now he is in exile and cannot return to the country because of fear of persecution

Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad

Neighbour to the North

What the people of Afghanistan deserve after three decades of foreign aggression, civil war and terrorism is peace so that they can reconstruct their country which has been destroyed many times over. What they require from other countries in the region, irrespective of their systems and mutual rivalries, is assistance to realise their dream. Naturally, the Afghans would welcome help coming from any quarter in overcoming terrorism and in the subsequent nation building. <br

Raoof Hasan

Odious comparisons

Wednesday morning, I switched on the BBC and was engrossed watching the live saga of the rescue of 33 men trapped since August 5 when San Jose mine collapsed in Chile’s Atacama Desert. Such are the moments that lift the spirit and strengthen your faith in human resolve and determination. From the depths of darkness to the light of day, it is one edifying odyssey reflecting the coming together of a nation in a bid to rescue the trapped miners alive. From the president of the country

White Lies

Musharraf may be in North Carolina picking up every speaking opportunity to do some hard Sharif bashing but the conscientious London police is still on the job, guarding the “Paki” President’s residence. We hear that even in Mush’s absence, his flat in a square behind London’s Edgware Road, is heavily guarded by plain clothes police personnel. Any casual passer-by enquiring “Does Musharraf live here?” is simply asking for it. He is promptly greeted by “Musharraf who!” but no sooner

Arif Nizami

Much ado about nothing?

Despite the government getting a temporary respite till November 1st, when its review petition regarding the declaration of National Reconciliation Ordinance as illegal by the Supreme Court will be heard, the gauntlet thrown at Mr. Zardari and his cohorts is still very much in place. In the end analysis, being allowed to change the lawyer representing the government proved to be a pyrrhic victory.
The tension in the air can be judged by the crisis created by media reports on