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PPP leaders

Woes of the PPP’s legacy

And what is to follow In PPP’s case, what needs to be deciphered is the party’s growing political isolation and in this regard the available ideological wherewithal which the party’s continues to


Wonders of warm waters

Tale of Pak-Russia ties   Over the last few years, Russia has attempted to develop relations with Pakistan, which has come as a surprise for many   Historically, the character of Pakistan


Fencing in failure

Pacifying the Pak-Afghan border Arguably, fencing can only help when districts on both sides of the Durand line are cleaned from insurgents.   For a long time, the cross border insurgency along

Policing Afghans in Pakistan

Be careful when you tread through the marshes     Any knee jerk measures aimed at only throwing out Afghans from Pakistan would further complicate the latter’s own security along the Durand


Waiting on the gavel to fall

Inside the Supreme Court’s Panama Leaks verdict   “Consider this most likely scenario: If the court’s intent is to salvage its own standing than expect a verdict whose pivot is focused on


Blame game over terror

Still not doing the right thing Not only do militant groups still retain the capacity to carry out attacks all across the country but they appear to have organised again, perhaps by

Pakistan’s parallel legal system

Over to jirgas and panchayats It’s not the popularity of the system which apparently makes it widely acceptable in society; rather it’s the feudal nature of this society where tribal political elites

Aid and aided economy

Pakistan’s financial hangover   “For China, while Pakistan offers a perfect geostrategic location to implement its global “One Belt One Road” project, the revival of the letter’s economy and infrastructure – that

Unravelling the PPP

  Father or son; which will it be?   During Zardari’s absence from Pakistan, the young chairman of the party made several uncompromising promises which he vowed to uphold to whatever the