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Muhammad Ali Baig

Putin & Trump

The Bromance Why do Russian President Putin and American President Trump seem to be friends instead of it being the other way around? Why does Trump seek reinstatement of Russia in G-7

Muhammad Ali Baig

Battle of NA-154 Lodhran

Hereditary politics is a common problem in developing countries Wasn’t the NA-154 by-election was a true example of hereditary politics prevailing in Pakistani politics? Why was Jahangir Tareen’s son Ali Tareen defeated

Muhammad Ali Baig

The Trump doctrine

Is there such a thing? On 21 July 2017, Foreign Policy magazine published an article by the title ‘There is No Trump Doctrine, and There Will Never Be One’. It might be correct that

Muhammad Ali Baig

Neither Sadiq nor Amin

Finding the right credentials Hypothetically, if we ask ourselves in an honest and righteous manner, that whether we lied or deceived anyone ever? Then without a slightest doubt; our answer would be

Muhammad Ali Baig

Victims of sexism

Hillary and Marine What made poll favourite Hillary Clinton lose 2016 US presidential elections and why was Marine Le Pen defeated in the 2017 French presidential elections? The American people elected a