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‘Punjab Speed’ polish

And flattering parasites Every second day a so-called news report or an opinion column appears in country’s leading Urdu daily and within no time goes viral on social media attracting harsh criticism

Irfan Bukhari

Pinning hopes on a pinky

The fall from politics-of-principles to pebbles Post-October 2011: ideology and principles were replaced by lusty power-politics. A cruel game with no holds barred. Everyone with any shabby past was welcomed with open

Irfan Bukhari

The chief manager of Punjab

Charms of technocracy will lead nowhere “Abraham Zaleznik in his article, “Managers and Leaders: Are they different?” (Harvard Business Review May-June 1977) writes that leaders are visionaries while managers are planners; leaders

For kicks and giggles and an awesome foreign policy

The man who spent a whopping Rs 7 million in this case to please the Saudi guest served the national interests as per government’s “cornerstone of foreign policy” while the government servants (police, district administration) pocketed millions of rupees which were given away in tips by the royal after eating the aphrodisiac meat.

Irfan Bukhari

Screen, Script and Stupidity

Quick bedside compendium for touk-show guests Entertainment industry knows no slump and they say man is a political animal. Then what can beat a talk-show having both the spicy ingredients: Entertainment and politics.

Irfan Bukhari

No-Sukh Era

Helpless cops wait for Allah as one-man-government busy with OLMT If I can borrow the title from Christina Lamb’s marvelous book, I will aptly narrate the story of the police force with

Morality is heavier than law

Pakistan’s military dictator General Zia-ul-Haq is on a state visit to Vanuatua in the South Pacific. The prime minister introduces Zia to the finance minister, the foreign minister, the agriculture minister, the