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The Pakistan scorecard

It all really boils down to a brutally simple question: What really is Pakistan’s problem? The answer is anything but simple. A convenient way to start the hunt for this brutally simple

Fahd Husain

The slap

It represents what is wrong with the system Having slapped her way into infamy, will Waheeda Shah now be slapped with a conviction by the Supreme Court, or merely get a slap

Fahd Husain

The Baloch grievance

Wounds that keep bleeding Interior Minister Rehman Malik says cases against Baloch separatist leaders are being withdrawn. About time he said something sensible. The government has been groping in the dark on

Fahd Husain

Who’s afraid of India?

Peace is practical So Pakistan and India want each other dead, dead and dead. First we used axes, then guns, followed by tanks, and now we brandish nukes. Dead is what we

Fahd Husain

Safety in conformity?

An insider’s perspective on how news channels work The ISPR press release on Wednesday landed in channel newsrooms like a bombshell and the shrapnel was plastered on TV screens for the world