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A Province for Saraikis

Identity, Governance and Decentralization Demand for a separate Saraiki province is back on the political chessboard of the country, the way it came to surface and vanished a few years ago if

Asif Mehmood

Solitude of Karachi

And the other maladies of urban Sindh The Mayor is back in Baldia. He has already launched his 100 Days Programme starting from the cleanliness. Karachi offers him a great opportunity for

Asif Mehmood

The housing debate

Or rather, the pronounced lack of it Our discussions on the urban issues are mostly centered on those of mass transit versus healthcare, or infrastructure versus education etc. From drawing rooms, cafes

Asif Mehmood

#FIXIT and Kamal’s Party

Karachi’s Urban Spring? Dreamers and nostalgists of Karachi are noticing the events of city politics and activism and are holding closely to their hearts a thing that keeps their lives in one

Asif Mehmood

Our mega cities

Are they livable?     Does this question bother us? How do we perceive livability? Though most of us do not think about it as such, yet every complaint, every monologue, every

Asif Mehmood

Lahore Metro

Three questions to begin with   While Karachi dreams about it in Tughlak House of Sindh Secretariat, Lahore takes a lead in Shanghai. According to the media reports, a Chinese company will