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Aminah Mohsin

Asma Yaqub’s killing

The final nail in the coffin of sanity From an average Pakistani Muslim’s perspective, inviting non-Muslims to embrace Islam apparently exalts the status of a preacher to the highest possible level in

Aminah Mohsin

Living a dilemma

Worst part of life Living in the 21st century, we presume everything to be just right, mechanical – ideal. In this race of being the best and counted with the rest we

Aminah Mohsin

Of mullahs and mullahism

Who will answer these questions? Show contempt or lack of reverence to God and you are a blasphemer. Speak anything sacrilegious in nature against a person or thing revered in a particular

Aminah Mohsin

Economy of words

Things we are good at The impact lies not in your throat but in your argument. However, this fact is surely an overstatement for denizens of the Indian subcontinent, in general, and

Aminah Mohsin

Just ‘-stan’

A republic wearing a mask Pakistan adopted its official title of ‘The Islamic Republic of Pakistan’ in 1956 on the day we now celebrate as our Republic Day. In the past, another