Diljit Dosanjh and Shazia Manzoor’s sweet Instagram exchange makes rounds on social media

The phenomenon of love transcending borders is consistently embraced. Recently, Diljit Dosanjh charmed fans with a heartening musical gesture, as he performed Shazia Manzoor’s beloved Punjabi song “Batiyan Bujhai Rakhdi” during a live concert. The performance, captured on video, quickly spread across various social media platforms, evoking feelings of admiration and nostalgia among music aficionados.

Dosanjh’s rendition of the iconic song garnered widespread attention, prompting a positive response from none other than Manzoor herself. Expressing her appreciation for Dosanjh’s gesture, Manzoor took to Instagram to reciprocate the respect and admiration.

Calling Dosanjh “our pride” and labelling herself the singer’s “biggest fan,” Manzoor conveyed “big respect” to the singer for the tribute. Dosanjh, too, was all praises and love as he wrote, “Respect, respect. Lots of love,” further cementing the mutual admiration between the two artists.

The interaction between the two artists not only highlights the importance of cultural exchange and paying homage within the Punjabi music scene but also demonstrates the lasting influence of Manzoor’s music on successive generations of artists and audiences. What adds to the charm is that this is not an isolated incident. Last year, actress Vidya Balan was spotted enjoying Manzoor’s musical talent.

In February 2023, Balan shared a video in which she could be seen grooving to the same song. The one-minute clip began with a man asking Balan about the secret behind her low electricity bill. In response, the actress launched into a playful dance, showcasing her moves to the catchy tune. Manzoor herself commented on Balan’s video, expressing gratitude for featuring her music. “Thank you! I’m also a big fan of yours! I sang this song twenty years ago, and I’m incredibly humbled to see you dancing to it,” she wrote.


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