WATCH: Shaan Shahid dotes over daughter Bashist Shahid during TV interview

Renowned Pakistani film star Shaan Shahid is known for films such as “Bulandi,” “Nikah,” “Majajan,” “Khuda Kay Liey,” and “Waar.” Apart from his successful career, Shaan Shahid is also known for his beautiful family. He is happily married to Amna Bandey and is blessed with four lovely daughters. Recently, there’s been buzz about his eldest daughter, Bahisht Shahid, venturing into the showbiz industry.

A video circulating on YouTube features Shaan Shahid with his daughter Bahisht Shahid. In the video, Shaan Shahid expresses pride in his daughter, who has recently enrolled at NCA (National College of Arts). He commends her dedication to film writing, direction, and acting, foreseeing a promising future for her in the media industry. Shaan Shahid eagerly anticipates her success, both personally and in representing the country.

Acknowledging the criticism surrounding nepotism in the industry, Shaan Shahid encourages his daughter’s ambition to enter showbiz, drawing from his own family’s legacy in the field. Bahisht Shahid, echoing her father’s sentiments, shares her excitement and determination to pursue acting, direction, and writing, guided by her father’s wisdom and support.

The video captures a heartwarming father-daughter moment and showcases Bahisht Shahid’s enthusiasm and confidence as she embarks on her journey in the entertainment industry.


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