PTI to resist all attempts to extend CJP’s tenure: Raoof

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central Information Secretary Raoof Hasan made it clear that PTI would strongly resist any act violative to the set pattern of judges’ promotion to unduly facilitate Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Qazi Isa, as the current mandate thieves government was seemingly planning to extend his tenure for three more years.

Addressing a press conference along with former Gilgit-Baltistan Khalid Khursheed and senior lawyer Naeem Panjutha here on Monday, he said that the current government was hell-bent on destroying state institutions and said that reports were surfing that the fake government was planning to table a bill seeking extension in the tenure of the incumbent CJP, which, he said that PTI would not allow to change the set rule come what may.

Raoof stated that Qazi Faiz Isa was playing a role of a facilitator to the government and powerful circles, as he could only see the dereliction of justices being done 40 years ago but did not see the injustices and fascism facing the PTI and the constitutional violation in the country; hence legislation would likely to be done to make him chief justice for a fixed tenure.

He vowed that the current mandate thieves government was infringing the constitution and the PTI would not leave no stone unturned to protect the constitution and supremacy of law.

He said that Bushra Bibi, a wife of Imran Khan, was not being given justice from the country’s judicial system, which was virtually paralyzed, because the judges themselves were seeking justice in the country.

“Today the judge said that he will pronounce the verdict in the iddat case, but public prosecutor Rizwan Abbasi, popularly known as Tout lawyer, who virtually abscond from the last two hearings, reached the court only to threaten the judge,” he added.

Raoof stated that Rizwan sought four weeks to complete his arguments and walked off the rostrum during the hearing and the judge accepted his plea and adjured the hearing till April 24 instead of holding him accountable for contempt of court.

Rauf Hasan says that this country has been ruthlessly looted for 76 years and even today the same plunders were still in power, destroying the country legally, constitutionally and morally.

He strongly dubbed the foreign office’s statement regarding Iran’s retaliatory action against Israel as very weak, vague, ineffective and inadequate, as it could not dare to even mention only Israel’s name in its statement.

He went on to say that a shameful attempt was made to appease the foreign masters through half-hearted condemnation of the aggression of the global rogue element against Palestinians.

He said that strongly condemned the fake government for its failure to effectively represented national aspirations on the overall situation in the Middle East and the Iran-Israel conflict despite ruthlessly killing around 35,000 Palestinians including women and children.

Raoof stated that if the true leader of the nation was not being unjustly imprisoned he would have provided necessary leadership to the Muslim Ummah.

Speaking about the Bahawalnagr tragic incident, Raoof lamented that first people were quarreled in the country but now state institutions were fighting with each other, which was very alarming.

He rejected the three-member body to probe the tragic incident and demanded a thorough and transparent investigation into the clash between police and army personnel so as to bring the culprits to the book.

PTI CIS stated that PTI leaders and workers were subjected to police brutalities and state barbarism but no state institution ever spoke against the unlawful and fascist act rather they all were in unison to torture and coerce PTI people to part ways with the party in order to dismantle PTI.

PTI CIS reiterated his party’s demand of a judicial inquiry of May 9 incident, as their petition in this regard was still pending before the Supreme Court hitherto.

Raoof asked that who was the beneficiary of this current system of lawlessness and barbarism, adding that this system of cruelty and unjust had to come to an end, as these absurd acts would further weaken the country.

However, he made it clear that the flood of people would sweep these all crooks and corrupt mafia once and for all because a movement for restoration of constitution and democracy had been started now.

Speaking on the occasion, Naeem Panjutah said that the prosecution’s delaying tactics in the Iddat case allude to the hollow and malicious nature of the case, as there was a race to give sentences before General Elections and now prosecution was dragging its feet at appeal stage because everyone knew that the end result of this malicious prosecution is the acquittal of Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi in this case.

Khawar Manika’s lawyer, Rizwan, escaped the previous two hearings before the eid on various lame excuses under a shameful plot to linger on the case so as she could not celebrate eid at home. He said that Rizwan again resorted to same delaying tactics to linger on the case again today.

Panjutha said that look at the justice system as Imran Khan was sentenced in three cases within five days as hearings of his cases were lasted till 10 pm to punish Khan before elections so as to spread disillusion among voters. However, he said that even then public voted to Imran Khan and his party in large number. He said that now when time come to deliver a justice, the public prosecutor resorted to delaying tactics to delay justice.

He said that the entire justice system seemed helpless as the six judges’ letter put a stamp as how spy agencies were pressurizing judges to get favorable decisions.

He demanded that they demanded a endoscopy for Bushra Bibi from Shaukat Khanum, who was only being subjected to political victimization as a pressure tactic to break Imran Khan.

Panjutah asserted that cameras had been installed in Bushra Bibi’s room and washroom, adding that a team should be dispatched to remove the cameras and probe the matter to punish the culprits.

Speaking on the occasion, Khalid Khurshid said that Pakistan was made a banana republic as PTI Founding Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan was attack in broad daylight but he did not allow to register an FIR of the tragic incident.

He said that six judges of the Islamabad High Court wrote a letter that they were being pressured by state agencies, which was unfortunate, as the country was made a laughing stock.

Khalid Khursheed stated that the police personnel were beaten in police station but they could not file an FIR, adding that the government was based on a form 47, hence justice
could not be expected from it.

He said that they would make important press conference regarding May 9 incidents and would ask serious questions as how the incident took place as where was the police and other security persons at the moment.


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