Cleric accused of raping young boy ‘forgiven’ after religious scholars intervene

Abubakar Muawiyah, a cleric who had been accused of raping a young boy in Faisalabad, was arrested by police but was released later after another religious cleric, Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer, intervened in the matter.

A video surfaced on social media where Muawiyah can be seen in handcuffs at a local police station getting a dressing down from a senior police officer. The former can be heard making an excuse that the boy was simply ‘massaging his feet’, to which the latter can be angrily replying that, “I will hold Ulema accountable. Are you capable of being called Maulana? Aren’t you afraid of Allah?”

As per the FIR registered by the boy’s father Muddasar, the child did not return home after prayers. When the father went out to find him he heard his son’s cries from a neighboring house. When the father went in, he saw Muawiyah with no clothes holding a gun and attempting to rape the child. According to Mudassar, Muawiyah then ran away when people gathered. He then threatened them with a gun.

Unverified picture of Muawiyah circulating on social media

However, after the intervention of a scholar Allama Ibtisam Elahi Zaheer, Muawiyah was forgiven by the father of the child. Mudassar while talking to media said, “I forgive him for ‘Allah ki Raza’.”

Zaheer stated that he spoke to the parents of the child and clarified that this was merely a ‘misunderstanding’.


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