Dove Pakistan celebrates exemplary women of our society through the “No Damage Beyond Repair” podcast

Dove Pakistan is honouring five inspiring and courageous women of Pakistan who have accomplished milestones in their respective arenas while causing change in their own unique way. The beloved shampoo brand provides these exemplary women a platform to share their stories and discuss their achievements through the “No Damage Beyond Repair” podcast.

The Dove Pakistan podcast series empowers the resilient and courageous women of our society by enabling them to narrate their experiences and inspire others to take charge of their own stories. This podcast challenges the age-old misconception that once the damage is done, it can’t be reversed, and things can’t be made right again. The podcast highlights the strength and resilience of exceptional women who have triumphed over all the adversities, challenges, judgement, and criticism that came their way and rose above it all.

Hosted by Dr. Sidra Iqbal, the five-episode podcast series featured inspiring individuals such as Pakistani cricketer Kainat Imtiaz, Azima Dhanjee from ConnectHear, Zahra Khan, the innovative mind behind “No-Nonsense Cheesecake,” and breast cancer survivor, and lastly, mental health advocate Rabia Najeeb. During the last episode, host Dr. Sidra Iqbal also spoke at length about her journey from a debate champion to a media personality.

Dove Pakistan created a safe and welcoming space for these women to share their experiences in a heart-to-heart conversation. They talked about what it took to get to the point where they are in their lives currently. These women underscored Dove’s core message that any challenge or impediment in life can be conquered by determination and tenacity. Unfortunately, we still live in times where traditional expectations often clash with gender roles. Despite that, these women have emerged as pioneers who have defied challenges, shattered stereotypes, and left a lasting impact in their respective fields.

Dove Pakistan has always championed women and believed in being a vessel through which women’s stories and their accomplishments can be highlighted. The podcast is another step towards continuing with their commitment to empower women. The podcast is a means to kickstart conversations around women and their achievements and cause a change in societal mindsets when it comes to women. By amplifying the voices of resilient women, the “No Damage Beyond Repair” series challenges outdated perceptions and orthodox beliefs, reshaping societal norms.

The “No Damage Beyond Repair” series by Dove Pakistan emerges as a guiding source of light for supporting and encouraging the nation’s women from all walks of life while celebrating their uniqueness and lauding their achievements. The idea was to make a statement about how women can achieve anything they want with their determination, and brilliance and the podcast is doing that in the best way possible.



Episode 1 

Episode 2 

Episode 3 

Episode 4 

Episode 5


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