General polls 2023: ECP issues code of conduct for media

ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has issued a code of conduct for media for the general polls 2023.

The ECP issued a code of conduct for media ahead of general polls 2023 which will be followed by newspapers, digital media and social media platforms.

The media organisations were bound to not publish or broadcast any content against the national sovereignty, independent judiciary and any statements that damage national unity.

According to the code, the media outlets will refrain from airing or publishing such content that targets religion, ethnicity, gender, community or personal attacks. The commission will take legal action in case of any complaint.

Moreover, the media organisations were also advised to avoid such content that affects the law and order situation on polling day. It also directed the media to not become part of political campaigns on the basis of government expenses.

It has been directed to refrain from allegations against the candidates and contact the ECP for confirming the accusations.

The media houses will not air the election results one hour after the conclusion of the polling, moreover, media representatives will not create hurdles in the election process.

The ECP also ordered the government and law enforcement agencies (LEAs) to ensure freedom of expression and smooth media coverage.


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