CPNE felicitates Sohail Ali Khan on posting as Secretary Information

KARACHI: The Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) congratulated Sohail Ali Khan on his posting as Secretary (in-charge) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and expressed the hope that print media issues will be prioritized in his secretariat.

In a statement, the CPNE office-bearers said that under the secretaryship of Sohail Khan, relations between the government and print media will be further improved. They also expressed the new secretary will pay due heed to the long-standing problems being faced by the print media.

“The print media is suffering from severe crisis, which warrants immediate solution and attention of the government and the able new secretary information will give due attention to these problems to help the print-media come out of the crisis”, the statement added.

Similarly, there was no increase in advertisement rates since 2017, it said. The office-bearers said that in a recent meeting with the CPNE delegation, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had issued special instructions in this regard while approving the increase in advertisement rates and quantum. They hoped that in the interest of the country and the media, the Secretary (In-charge) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Sohail Ali Khan will make every possible effort and will get all possible support from CPNE.



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