All institutions responsible to ensure writ of govt: Marriyum

LAHORE: Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb said on Saturday that all state institutions were responsible for the establishment of the writ of the government.

“Allowing the accused to come to courts with crowds would give a message that the justice system and law in Pakistan are afraid of terrorists, thugs, goons, threats and abuses,” she said while addressing a press conference here.

“Imran’s antics are giving the wrong message that powerful people are above the law,” the minister said, adding that Imran Khan was not afraid of playing with national interests, hatching conspiracies and blatantly violating the law and the Constitution.

The minister questioned whether the justice system was “afraid of terrorists and petrol bombs”. “When a Ladla (a darling), a hooligan, a scoundrel comes to courts like this and he gets a bundle relief package from the court, it gives the wrong message,” she maintained.

She said that Imran Khan illegally dissolved the National Assembly fearing the success of the no-confidence motion by compelling the President, Speaker and Deputy Speaker National Assembly to violate the Constitution.

The miniter said Imran Khan had brainwashed the youth and has been instigating them to attack the state and national institutions.

She lamented that “a thief, a terrorist and corrupt person” was still at large. She reminded that Imran Khan has not appeared in this case since the start of its hearing in the Election Commission of Pakistan from 18 August 2022.

The minister said that on August 18, August 21, 2022, January 31, 2023, February 7, 2023, Imran Khan did not appear in the Islamabad High Court. On January 31, when Imran Khan was to be indicted, he got exemption from personal appearance. She said that he did not appear in Islamabad High Court on March 9,2023 and he got relief from there too.




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