Murad to public: Stand up to stop turning events into tragedies

  • Blasts ‘imported govt’ for sabotaging hard-earned peace
  • Says imported rulers should do US slavery but not at the cost of public lives, country

ISLAMABAD: Lashing out at the “imported government” for sabotaging the hard-earned peace in the country, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Senior Central leader Murad Saeed urged the people of Peshawar and southern districts to stand up for themselves with a banner of peace like people of Malakand and Swat, as terrorism is rearing its ugly head again.

Addressing a press conference along with PTI senior leader Iftikhar Durrani here on Wednesday, Murad Saeed lamented that it was really painful and shocking as to why they were always waiting for turning the events into tragedies rather than preempting and acting timely to thwart and avert such catastrophes.

Murad raised a question that what happened in Peshawar was neither a matter of days nor it happened overnight but he warned and alerted the imported government about the looming threat some eight months ago. However, he lamented that the government of crooks filed cases of sedition against him and resorted to threat and intimidations to silence him rather to find solution and take preemptive measures to rein in the menace of terrorism.

“I was raising my voice for peace because I saw pleasure, contentment and satisfaction on the face of people of KP after 15-year because of peace and prosperity that was restored in the region after rendering thousands of precious lives,” he added.

Murad said that a new chapter of peace and prosperity was started in Malakand and Swati after peace, as tourism was flourishing, and ruined and destroyed infrastructures and roads were rebuilt; hence people were happy.

That was the reason, he said that, when terrorists returned to area in September last year and started terrorizing the people and the government refuted all such reports misleading and concocted, the people of Malakand and Swati took the streets in unprecedented number and forced the terrorists to flee from the region.

However, he said that the Peshawar blast shook the country but it was more painful and shocking that the blood of the Peshawar blast’s martyrs were not yet dried and condemnation statements were still pouring in from Pakistan and across the world, tweets and agenda-oriented TV talk shows were started to prepare a ground to delay the forthcoming elections, which was tantamount to rub salt on the wounds of martyred families.

Murad stated that though the US withdrew its troops from Afghanistan, it would keep it presence in different ways to keep a close look at China, which was fast emerging as the new global power.

He said that all the regime change conspiracy was hatched to oust Imran Khan-led government because he was the sole stumbling block in the way of the US nefarious designs who categorically stated ‘Obsoletely not’ when the US sought airbases in Pakistan.

The PTI leader revealed that the imported prime minister and Zardari even got annoyed over PTI Chairman’s response; who were major beneficiary of the regime conspiracy plot.

Murad went on to say that Imran Khan was cognizant of the fact that whenever Pakistan became part in someone’s war, the country paid immense price.

Talking about the peace during PTI government, he said that the PTI government succeeded in restoring peace through its wise and well-devised policies, which was evident from the fact that not a single drone attack took place during Imran Khan’s tenure and terrorism incidents dropped to considerably and foreign investors started investing in Pakistan and tourism was booming.

Whereas, he said that the US carried out around 400 drone strikes in Pakistan during their tenures and suicide blasts had become a routine matter in Pakistan.

Murad said that he asked questions in the month of June about the alarming upsurge of terrorism, infiltration of terrorists from Afghanistan despite spending billions of rupees on fencing and providing bases to the US.

However, he stated that the imported government lodged FIRs against him in different cases of sedition rather than answering to the most pertinent questions.

He urged the media to highlight the issue of terrorism prominently so as to nip the evil in the bud.

He said that Rana Sanaullah denied the presence of terrorist but what happened in Bannu and what’s going in Lakki Marwat.

Murad addressed the imported rulers that if they wanted US slavery, they should do it, but it should not be at the cost of public lives and the country. He urged the politicians that they should have to unite and should not do politics on dead bodies.

“Our sole demand is that we should not be made again cannon fodder in others’ war, as we have already paid irreparable price for becoming party of other wars,” he added. He warned that dangerous game was planning by creating division through blame game, which should be discouraged and all should join hands irrespective of their political affiliation to deal with the menace of terrorism.

“We need to focus on building bridges, uniting nation rather than creating fissures to protect Pakistan from drifting to a point of no return,” he added.

He advised that Shehbaz Sharif and Rana Sanaullah should not do politics on public life, as they should acknowledge matchless sacrifices rendered by KP police rather than creating division through their senseless statements.


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