Chinese, Pakistani institutes to cooperate on water-energy-food

BEIJING: The project “Assessment and Regulation Mechanism of Climate Change Impacts on Water-energy-food Linkages in typical Regions of China and Pakistan”, jointly submitted by Chinese and Pakistani research institutes, has been successfully approved recently.

As an international (regional) cooperation and exchange project under China’s National Natural Science Foundation, it was jointly applied by Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute (CRSRI) and Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences. It is also the second such project of CRSRI approved in nearly 20 years.

Based on its research on “Water Cycle Patterns and Effects of Water Conservation and Emission Reduction in Irrigation Areas of Yangtze River Basin”, CRSRI plans to cooperate with its Pakistani counterpart to explore the impact of climate change on water-energy-food linkages between China and Pakistan. In addition, the project will provide technical support for realising the sustainability of natural resources, China Economic Net (CEN) reported on Wednesday.

To address future extreme events linked to climate change, systemic water-energy-food plans and programmes are urgently needed both in China and Pakistan.

China’s Policies and Actions Responding to Climate Change and Pakistan’s Vision 2025 all call for the design of water, food and energy security policies that address climate change while protecting natural resources.

According to CRSRI, it will take this project as an opportunity to strengthen personnel exchanges and cooperative research with relevant institutions in Pakistan, further broaden the channels of international scientific and technological cooperation, enhance its influence on international cooperation, and provide technical support for improving agricultural water resources and food security in China and Pakistan.


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